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Choose a mission and play even
with pals and drinks
in the hand!
The heritage (Treasure hunt in the Buda castle)
Harvey Walker, the billionaire old man just passed away. 
The person who successfully completes the treasure hunt game made up by him will inherit his amazing fortune. Be the first one, solve the puzzles and gain the fortune. 
1500 m
90-120 minutes
Spymasters (Saving Ryan Finch)

We need really skilled secret agents here! Agent Ryan Finch is in trouble, and he needs you. That means that we have a really big problem here. 

1500 m
90-120 minutes
The Virus

Humanity is getting infected with a dangerous and unknown disease. Take your chances and save humanity! 

The disappeared scientist

Dr. Howard Stein and his partner was in front of a serious scientific breakthrough, when the scientist disappeared without a trace. Now it is your turn to find out what may have happened by entering his computer. 

Pursuit of the murderer

Only the best detective team can sort out this crime! Take the challenge, and catch the killer! 

Budapest felfedező játék
Lebilincselő Budapest felfedező játék, amihez csak a mobilod kell. A budapesti küldetésekkel játszva fedezheted fel a várost. Ismerd meg Harvey Walker történetét, fejtsd meg a tudós rejtélyes eltűnésének okát, mentsd meg Ryan Finch-et vagy az egész emberiséget! Vesd bele magad a szabadtéri kalandba Budapest utcáin!
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With this code, you may begin playing immediately. The access code is valid for one year.
Budapesten a "Guzmi" csapat adta a legkevesebb rossz választ a héten, méghozzá a Spymasters küldetés során.
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Budapesten a(z) The disappeared scientist küldetésnek a 7. feladványánál használtak legtöbbször segítséget a csapatok a héten.
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