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Q: Is mobile data needed? If yes, how much?
A: A moderate amount of mobile data is needed, cca 5Mb for a full challenge.
Q: Is there a scoring system? If yes, how does it work, if no, how do I know if we won?
A: There is no scoring in a classical sense, but for each task a number of factors are taken into account: time of completion, how many shots you had before you found the right answer, how many lifelines have you used. At the end you will be able to see how well you did compared to other teams.
Q: Does time matter?
A: For the entire challenge, it does not, but per task, it does. That means that between two tasks you can go for lunch, have a drink, even days can pass, but if you start a task, the time of completion of this specific task will count.
Q: How much we need to walk?
A: We indicate it for each challenge.
Q: What happens if we are stuck with a task?
A: No problem, for each task you may use 3 lifelines. The first two only gives you a hint, but the 3rd one gives you the actual solution.
Q: Do I need to have GPS on my phone?
A: Not an absolute necessity, but good to have.
Q: How much does the game drain my battery?
A: This depends heavily on the kind of phone you have, but there is no application you need to run for the game, and it does not use the resources of your phone - that means that the game counts as browsing time.
Q: What if my phone dies while playing?
A: No worries! You can simply open the game on another device and continue from where you were. If you don't have another phone you can use, then just charge your phone and go back to the game.
Q: How will the weather be like?
A: We have no clue :(
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